Saturday, March 26, 2011



We wish to introduce to you Nadiya’s Challenge – a postie bike ride from Perth to Darwin (4,000kms) via the Canning Stock Route, one of the longest and most difficult stock routes in the world, to raise funds and create awareness for the plight of kids with cancer and their families.

Nadiya’s Challenge is inspired by a young girl, Nadiya, who recently lost her battle with cancer at just 11 years of age. Nadiya left a legacy of inspiration and courage to keep fighting, no matter what the odds.

On The Water productions will be filming the adventure (to take place in August 2011) with the aim to produce a documentary, which showcases the expedition from inception to the production of Nadiya’s Challenge. It will follow 10 ordinary Aussie blokes from different backgrounds and occupations as they battle the unforgiving environment, testing their nerves, survival skills, and ultimately their friendships.

Nadiya’s parents have agreed to reveal on camera their personal story and we will also feature an interview with a leading cancer researcher from Monash Institute of Medical Research.

A commitment has been given from an Australian television company to broadcast the documentary. To view the montage video, go on line to

As there can never be enough support, the team are actively sourcing sponsors and supporters for Nadiya’s Challenge to make this a great success. Individuals and businesses wishing to support Nadiya’s Challenge can donate at any branch of the Bendigo Bank or online (donations over $2 are tax deductible) at either of the following: or

Money raised from Nadiya’s Challenge will be forwarded to Challenge – Supporting Kids with Cancer.

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