Thursday, September 17, 2009



If dreams are free, then this little snippet of news represents the mother-lode of sweet dreams for any self-respecting Yamaha adventure bike rider or devoted Dakar Rally fan.
Get online right now and take a look at the web site and then check your bank balance because you might just want to give the piggy bank a hammering. 
Because a genuine Yamaha XTZ850R factory bike is up for sale -- and it's the very bike Eddie Orioli rode to victory in the 1996 Dakar Rally.
That's right, this beast in the whole enchilada!
It's one of two factory bikes built that year for Orioli and the legendary Stephane Peterhansel to race in the Dakar Rally.
It's been preserved by Yamaha Motor France ever since it crossed the finish line at Dakar, but now it's for sale and is in complete, original condition and comes loaded with a stack of factory spare parts and goodies.
And before you ask -- the price of the bike is only available on application ... and yes, we have applied! 
Expect to pay a pretty penny for this piece of Dakar history.
Like we said, dreams are free!
-- Clubby,


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