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Hi Clubby & the Crew at TRAIL ZONE,
Reading your recent story in Trail Mail  in TRAIL ZONE about the Honda XR75 brought back wonderful memories for me. My brother and I were lucky enough to get an XR75 each (my third bike) from the first shipment to arrive in Australia. I was allowed to keep my new bike in my bedroom for one week before it had to go out into the shed. 
I will never forget the excitement of taking the magnificent new weapon to our local track day and finally being able to give my arch-rival (the only other girl in the club -- big-time stuff back then!) a taste of payback. She had a Kawasaki, to which my previous Honda 50 Mini-Trail had been no match. Victory at last!
Many bikes have come and gone since then but none will ever come close to the wonderful fun and memories my indestructible XR75 gave me.
Now 35 years on and 'Little XR' still stands proudly in the bike shed next to the BMW 800 GS stablemate, ever ready to come out and do a few laps around the farm with the visiting nieces if needed. Although in need of a little restoration now, 'Little XR' still fires into life when asked. Priceless!
-- Kristen, via

Consider yourself lucky to still have your XR75, Kristen, because I for one am as jealous as anything. What I wouldn't give to still have my old XR75 today ... you're totally right: great memories! Thanks for your email, and hey, don't let the nieces have all the fun.
-- Clubby, 

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