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Can you guys and gals at TRAIL ZONE help me as I have bought a Metzeler Karoo tyre for the rear of my Kawasaki KLR650 instead of the the tyres you guys used on your KLR650 Project Bike. I'm on a farm in WA so there is sand and gravel everywhere out here but I still have the standard road/trail trye up front. This is my first-ever motorcycle and I'm a first-time rider (45 years old), but I did ride a mate's DR600 a few times in Brisbane a few years ago. I have done a few things you guys have to done your KLR650 -- the Staintune pipe, Kawasaki tall screen etc -- plus I also have a chain oiler and a cruise-control fitted. It's a good bike and I'm happy with it but I just wondering about the best way to go with tyres? Can you give me some advice?
-- Robert Holness, via

Hi Robert: I'm a big fan of having matching sets of tyres, meaning either full knobbys or road/trail depending on the sort of riding you do. I've found the bigger bikes tend to lack front end grip, so if the majority of your riding is off-road then a knobby up front is a must. We had a Metzler Karoo knobby on the back of the Husky which was a bit soft and it lasted about 1000km. The Mitas Dakars E-09 we've been testing still has 50 per cent of its tread after 2,000km and the Cheng Shin C-755 we used on the Kawasaki KLR650 Project Bike worked great in the sand. I've also heard good reports about the Dunlop D606, but we've yet to test them. Having said that I would be getting a good hard wearing knobby on the front to get the mighty KLR steering in the right direction. Best of luck with it!
-- Lance 'Dr Russ' Turnley,

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