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Hi guys: I saw Jay Foreman's Suzuki DR650 with the DR-Z forks in TRAIL ZONE recently and was just wondering if you’d be interested in my current build project? I got back into bikes with a DR650 over a year ago at age 45, kids being all grown up. I’ve been trail riding my DR650 for around a year and was pretty disappointed with the suspension, as is anyone who tries riding one off-road. I have had it down to the local bike club and ripped around the enduro track and kept pace with other old farts on 450s but the suspension was just killing me. I’d done the new springs and Gold Valves, but it still not what I wanted. It went a lot harder around the track but still wouldn’t jump without damaging the bashplate. I didn’t want to trade up to a 450 because of the cost, and because I lose the advantages of the 650 when it comes to riding to the trail head. So after some research and patient nights on ebay, I fitted an RM-Z front end complete and have an RM-Z rear coming. I figured an RM-Z was the way to go because they are sprung so hard compared to a trail bike/enduro bike. It is far stiffer than the upgraded DR forks. I got a brand new set of forks and triple clamps for US$400 and US$202 postage. Winging its way to me as I type are a brand new front wheel for US$162 and a brand new rear shock for US$180, with both shipped for US$200. The ride is so much better than it was that it’s hard to describe. I should have the rear all fitted up real soon.and then I'm going to play all up in the Brindabellas and do a write-up. Just wondering if you’re interested? By the way, love the mag!

-- Adam Usher, via

Hi Adam: Thanks for your email -- nice job! We're actually taking delivery of a Suzuki DR650 at the end of next month which will become our next adventure Project Bike in TRAIL ZONE through this year. The DR Project Bike build-up will be completed by Lance Turnley from over the course of three issues mid-year. Re your offer of a story and photos of your DR650, YES, send us some brief info and a couple of pix of the finished product, as we'll find a spot in the mag to feature what guys like you are doing with your DRs, alongside the mods we make to our own Project Bike. Thanks for your interest in the mag; now go play in the Brindabellas, you lucky bugger! Ride on,

-- Clubby, TZ Inc (email me:

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