Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Love your sweet new Yamaha WR250R or X, but want just that little bit more boost at the end of your right wrist for lofting the front end over obstacles or laying darkies round the round-abouts on the way home from the drive-thru lane at Maccas?

Then check this out: it's a gnarly turbo kit for the small-bore Yamaha thumpers that we happened across on the www.thumpertalk.com. web site.

For full details, check out www.mpfab.com and give your WR-R the real boost in horsepower you deserve ... and save on front tyre wear, because the thing will never be on the ground!

"I've been quitely developing a turbo kit for the WRX/R and after a few months of R&D on the streets and on the dyno I'm pretty happy about this. I've attached a few images and a dyno graph (see web site) comparing a 2008 WR250X with a header and slip-on versus a 2008 WR250X with the prototype MPFab turbo kit installed. I'm moving into production of these kits over the next few weeks and was wondering if any of you would be interested. I hope to have 10 of these on the shelves by the end of the month. I should have hard pricing next week and will most likely be offering a nice discount for the first 10 sold. This will be offered as a complete kit with electronics or a 'Tuner' Kit with no electronics for those of you who already use a PCIII. Both versions will come with a 'base' map to get you off and running however it would be strongly suggested that the end-user take it to a dyno and verify the tune since air/fuel ratio can change based on things like alttitude and climate. This kit is a bolt-on affair with simple tools. It requires the installer to drill and tap one hole and trim the side panel to clear the charge pipe. It can be easily installed in under three hours. Anybody interested? -- www.mpfab.com

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