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I just bought your mag for the first time and have enjoyed reading it. I am back into trail riding again for the first time in about 20 years (how many times have you heard that story!) after the last few years easing my way into it from a back injury by riding mountain bikes. I can highly recommend this as good cross-training as well as another great way to get out in the dirt. Anyway, I thought I would send you a picture of my “new” ride. Being an old-timer and a two-stroke fan (my last bike was a 1985 KTM GS/XC 250 which I bought new – wish I still had it) I picked myself up a ’99 model Honda CRM250AR. I’m sure you don’t see many of them around, so I send it in anticipation you might include it in your ‘My Ride’ section. I call it the Purple People Eater and I just love the way it goes and those purple anodised rims look the bomb, too. It's pictured with my mate’s TT600 Belgarda and check out my vintage AGV helmet -- don’t worry, I have upgraded it now. Anyway, thanks for your time and I’ll see you on the trails.

-- Rob Whittaker, via

Thanks for your email and welcome to the TRAIL ZONE, Rob; great to have you onboard. There was a time when two-stroke trail bikes ruled the roost and your CRM250 was one of Honda’s final attempts at keeping alive the premix dreams of old-school trail riders like you and us. Remember the old Honda MTs and MRs? They were Honda two-stroke trail bikes from even earlier back in the day, and yeah, we rode them back then. These days, however, the whole world has changed and everyone is riding cleaner burning and cleaning running four-stroke machines that are better able to meet ever more stringent global emissions laws. It's a shame, because the sheer thrill of riding a light and responsive two-stroke is such a fond memory for so many of us. Yes, they were the days ... Nice job with the classic AGV helmet, by the way. Ride on!

-- Clubby,

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