Thursday, September 2, 2010



In the fast-paced world of magazine publishing, being featured on the front cover of an international publication is a landmark moment.

So check this out: TRAIL ZONE Publisher/Editor Andrew Clubb is all set to grace the front cover of the next issue of VMX Magazine!

That's right, we Aussie independent publishers have to stick together.

The VMX cover photo comes from the recent Suzuki Classic Dirt 7 event at Green Park, Conondale, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, where Clubby enjoyed his first-ever Classic Dirt outing -- which included cutting laps of the Vinduro circuit aboard the painstakingly restored Yamaha IT400C of Brisbane-based Vinduro tragic, Tony Marshall.

It's only the third time in the history of the magazine that VMX has featured an action shot on the front cover -- the two previous featured Andy Caldecott and Bad Brad Lackey ... exalted company indeed!

"My schedule with TRAIL ZONE has long kept me from drinking from the fountain of youth of the Suzuki Classic Dirt weekend," Clubby explained, "but this year the planets aligned and I could get to Conondale to take it all in.

"The entire Classic Dirt weekend was just awesome, and the good times only kept flowing the following week when VMX Magazine Editor, Ken Smith, called and asked me to pen a yarn on my Classic Dirt baptism.

"It was a surprising but stimulating request, and truth be told, I was rapt to be able to help out the VMX boys with a couple of thousand words, which are contained in the new issue of VMX.

"If you've ever had an inkling for reliving your dirt bike days from a bygone era, then make sure you get trackside and breathe deeply on the aroma that is Suzuki Classic Dirt -- just don't take as long to do it as I did!"

• For the full story on the 2010 Suzuki Classic Dirt 7 event, check out VMX Magazine issue #43 that goes on-sale this month -- go to for more details -- or check out the current issue of TRAIL ZONE (issue #31) on-sale now.

• For the full story on Tony Marshall's Yamaha IT400C restoration, check out TRAIL ZONE issue #32 that goes on-sale in mid-October -- go to for more details.

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