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Hi TRAIL ZONE boys: I enjoy reading the mag. I just have got my motorbike Ls and have a 2010 KLR 650 and I decked it out with a Unifilter, aftermaket screen, Staintune exhaust, tank bag and Wolfman panniers and I just want to know what is best put in the panniers and tank bag for an adventure ride?
-- Alex Gattuso, via

Thanks for your email, Alex, and welcome to the big wide world of adventure bike riding. Okay, when it comes to packing your bike, you'll basically need the goodies to get you through your ride. If you're going to be camping while you're travelling, that means packing camping gear, which can include everything from a swag or tent and sleeping bag right through to cooking gear, food, drinks and water. You'll also need tools and spares to keep you mobile in case of a breakdown, as well as extra fuel if you're going to be a long way between servos, plus you'll need clothes and toiletries. Maps, GPS and a camera are also must-haves, along with a mobile phone, SPOT tracker or even a satellite phone if you're getting way out the back of beyond and need to keep in touch with civilisation – especially in the case of an emergency. Of course, carrying all this gear is one thing, but getting it down to as little as possible and as light as possible is a very fine art, so let your fingers do the walking and check out web sites like and that specialise in trick gear and products that are especially made for adventure bike riding. It will probably take a few trips to get your gear fully sorted, so just get out there and do it, and take hints and learn from other riders you meet along the way. Good luck with it mate -- get out there and do it!
-- Clubby,

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