Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Hi guys: I read with great interest your recent review of the new Husqvarna TE630 and I was surprised to see the weight going up by nine kilos compared to the TE610 and the ground clearance moving from 295mm down to 280mm (which seems a bit low for serious off-road riding, especially when installing a bashplate). These days, people expect more power and less weight in new bikes (just ask Dr Phil!). Given the difference between the TE610 and TE630 is only 30cc, do you know where the additional nine kilos is coming from? What's your view on the key difference between the TE630 and the KTM690 Enduro R? Is the TE better on-road while the 690 is better off-road? Good to see that Husqvarna has sharpened its price when compared to KTM in that category.
-- Rod, via www.trailzone.com.au

With our past Project Bikes in TRAIL ZONE and www.offroadexplorer.com we've found that the biggest weight saving comes from removing the standard exhaust and fitting a lightweight aftermarket performance pipe. For example, on our Honda Transalp Project Bike we fitted a Staintune exhaust which was seven kilos lighter than standard. So when looking at the Husqvarna TE630 weight gain, you would have to point the finger straight at the new twin muffler exhaust system. The good news is that we have just taken delivery of our TRAIL ZONE/ORE Husqvarna TE630 Project Bike and we have Husqvarna's factory performance mufflers to fit to the bike next week. The mufflers feel pretty light, so look out in future issues of TZ and we'll let you know exactly how much weight we can shave off the mighty TE630.
-- Lance 'Russ' Turnley, via www.trailzone.com.au and www.offroadexplorer.com

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