Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi Doctor Phil: I am following the Top-Ten Yamaha WR250R Set-Up Tips from issue #24 of TRAIL ZONE and I cannot remove the right pillion peg. Fortunately you mentioned in the magazine that is mounted with high-grade Loctite, otherwise I would be desperate. But I have already put so much force that I have already twisted one allen key and am afraid of rounding the bolt and make things even worse. Any tricks or is brute force the only solution?
-- Pablo, via
Thanks for your email, Pablo. The trick is to get hold of a hot-air gun from a hardware store or equipment hire shop and blast that bolt with PLENTY of heat, then have a new, high-quality allen key ready with something to go on the end of it for extra leverage. Hold heavy but slow force on the bolt as you try to undo it, just don’t get all excited in a hurry or you’ll round out the fastener’s head. Heat undoes the Loctite, so with that trick you should get it undone. Good luck!
-- Dr Phil.

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