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Hi Guys: I have a a quick question about the G'day From LA Flinders Ranges ride article in TRAIL ZONE issue #26, as I am thinking about buying an adventure bike, the question is, which one? You indicated that Iron Man Ron rode from Wilpena to Cameron Corner. How was he carrying fuel and how much did he carry? I assume he went to Lyndhurst then up the Strzelecki Track.

-- Rob Cormack, via


Hello Rob: I fuelled up in Hawker then did a top-up at Arkaroola and went up through Mount Hopeless to get to the Strezlecki Track. Normally I could ride all the way to Cameron Corner on one tank of fuel but on that trip I was having some fuel consumption issues due to a worn needle jet (almost 60,000km on the clock, so it's time for a new needle jet). The Safari tank on my DR650 now holds 36 litres -- they just tend to stretch a bit after a period of time. Best I have got is 750km on a tank. Having had a 640 KTM Adventure, NX650 Honda plus two Transalps and one Varadero and now a new Tenere, the DR has got to be the best bike ever made for this type of riding. It's cheap, bullet-proof and they go great.

-- Ron Grant, via

Hi Ron: Thanks, that is a long way! But it give me a great knowledge of the distance and what is necessary. I’m currently looking at the BMW 1200GS, but it at least indicates that I must carry fuel.  The plan is Sydney, Cameron Corner, Arkaroola, Cooper Pedy, to Alice.  My biggest concern was the Cameron Corner to Arkaroola leg, but you have given me a good idea of how much fuel is required. I would imagine it very much depends on the state of the roads. Many thanks, it's great to have conformation

-- Rob Cormack, via

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