Saturday, October 31, 2009



Dear TRAIL ZONE: Thought I would send you a couple of pics from a few Saturdays ago. Here is my son Jacob (RM125) and his great riding mate Luke (TT350) pulling a few wheelies at Willowvale on the Gold Coast.  Jacob is the one flying like a flag off the back of the RM125.  He said he was just hoping it would come back down.  It did - just not with him on it -- ha!!! (no injuries - lucky).  Anyhow just shows you how much fun two 15-year-olds can have on a Saturday afternoon.  Just being on two wheels ... er ... make that one!!! 
-- Chris Clayton, via

Thanks for the pix, Chris -- we've published the shot of Jacob right here, so he'll be stoked to see that. His landing looks like it would have been a ripper? Did he rip the butt right out of his nylons or what!
-- Clubby, 

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