Thursday, December 17, 2009



If there's one good thing about have a bung knee and an ankle swollen to the size of a grapefruit, it's the couch-time! 

Yep, there's much to be said for lying back on my fat shiny rump, vegetating in front of the big screen TV, watching endless re-runs of American Chopper, Nitro Circus and Girls of the Playboy Mansion on Foxtel ... as well as waiting for the Boss (SWMBO!) to get back from the mail-box each morning in the desperate hope that someone might have sent in a DVD they want reviewed in the pages of TRAIL ZONE.

Yee-haa! Yesterday delivered Aussie Post gold! 

There in the pile of subscription entries for our Choose Your Ride promotion was a dog-eared package that offered a curious waft of dairy cattle and stale milk ... yep, it was a package from Famous Fast Phil Hodgens ... it was his posse's latest Motorbikin' 3: Hit The Road DVD!

Faster than a sweet-running 950 SE Kato packing Akrapovic cans, I had that little round disc in the slot and punched the 'Play All' command and simply soaked it up.

Struth -- there's three hours of the stuff! 

The Flinders, the Lake Eye Hardcore Posties, the Vicco high country, a scooter marathon (what were they thinking!) and a ride with the Police trailbike squad are just the beginning of this Thanksgiving Day-size feast of on-screen action. 

And it's all presented in the typical style of the laid back Motorbikin' crew. Yeah, it's priceless!

I quite enjoyed the Sydney Weekender segment where the boys tackle The Zig Zag to Capertee ride across the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, and carry on out to Hill End and the Bridle Track. It's a ride we here at TRAIL ZONE know all too well, as does Adventure Moto honcho Steve Smith, judging by his close inspection of the sandstone outcrops at one stage ...

If you want to see some dead-set down-to-earth Aussie adventure bike riding, and you've just about worn out your new IN THE ZONE: EPISODE 3 DVD from TRAIL ZONE, then hit the web site and get yourself a Motorbikin' 3: Hit the Road DVD ... it's a ripper and punches six stars out of five on the adventure bike DVD scale. 

Top job, boys -- luv ya work!

-- Clubby,

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