Monday, December 21, 2009



We've just got to love our TRAIL ZONE readers -- you guys and girls are the chain lube that keeps our sprockets turning!

With the Xmas/New Year season right upon us, we've been receiving plenty of Happy Holiday wishes from many of our readers, subscribers and supporters -- which is just awesome, thanks everyone! -- but every now and then a really special message turns up because it stands out from the crowd.

This one pictured here from 'Craig' is the perfect example: just look at the work that's gone into it. 

That's wicked, Craig, and the festive wishes go right back at ya, bro!

We're pulling down the roller door on the TZ HQ engine-room at midday today and taking off for a holiday break of our own -- we'll be back for business on Monday, January 4.

So until then, festive wishes to one and all and have a good one!

-- Clubby & Tania,

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