Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Hi Trailzone team: I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great magazine and for the bloody (excuse me) brilliant DVD you put together in this latest instalment. I’ve been hanging out for this latest DVD for months and I’ve practically worn it out already as it’s an absolute riot and my boys and I have a jolly good chuckle watching it. It’s great to see you putting together a DVD with terrific shots and lots of funny sketches. I can’t wait till we see ‘Trailzone Adventures’ the movie – Clubby, Popgun and Russ circum-navigating Australia or the like (I might be waiting a while but it would be nice if it happened). I also wanted to say well done to Popgun for his article on ‘Tribal Warfare’ -- it’s great to read articles which open up debate amongst a fraternity. Keep up the brilliant work fellas. Now, I just remembered my subscription is about to expire so I better fill out the form and send it back to you. Anyway, here’s wishing you and your families the very merriest of Christmas’ and the happiest of New Years.

-- John M, via

Now that’s a wrap if ever we scored one, John! All the feedback to our latest IN THE ZONE: EPISODE 3 DVD has been good, which is precisely why we go through all the time, effort and expense of making our own DVD each year: truth be told, we love making them and you guys love watching them! It’s a win-win situation. As for the TRAIL ZONE team taking on a lap of Australia, well, you know Russ and I would be up for it at the drop of a hat, although our provisos would be that I get to ride my '83 Tenere, and Russ gets to start every day with a double-decaf mocha low-fat latte and a slice of toasted banana bread! As for getting Popgun along on such an epic adventure ride, well, we’ve only ever got him out on an adventure ride with us once before, and all he did the whole weekend was whinge and whine and want to know, “When’s the real dirt bike riding start and where are the arrows to follow?!” Enjoy the holidays ... and get that subscription renewed to get your chance to Choose Your Ride and win your choice of a brand new Husky TE450 or Kawasaki KLX450R or KTM 300EXC or Suzuki DR-Z400E or Yamaha WR450F!

-- Clubby,

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