Thursday, April 8, 2010



Did you know that the wrapping and packing of each new issue of TRAIL ZONE is lovingly completed by the TZ Executive staff?

That's right, me and the missus get to spend hours on end stuffing magazines into envelopes and then load them all into the mighty TZ Trafic transporter to take 'em down to Dave and the boys and girls at the Brookvale Mail Centre, from where they will wing their way to all corners of the country and overseas to land in the mailboxes of our treasured TRAIL ZONE subscribers.

All up the process takes a solid day and a half, from the time we collect the new issue from our printers, Good Impressions, and bag them and post them.

We do the subscription mail job ourselves to rule out all the potential stuff-ups from mailing houses, because if there's one thing I've seen many times in all my years working on dirt bike magazines, it's irate subscribers who get detuned when their mag goes missing, or they get it AFTER the mag goes on-sale in newsagents, or they wind up with a copy of Pigeon Fanciers Quarterly rather than their dirt bike mag.

By keeping the subscriber mail-out process in-house and under our control, we know exactly when the subscriber copies are posted out, and by doing it as soon as we get the mags, it means subscribers should get their mags BEFORE the newsagents do -- which we feel is an important part of the service for our subscribers who show their faith in the mag and sign up for a year.

TRAIL ZONE issue #29 has been in the hands of Australia Post since yesterday lunchtime, which means a whole lot of subscribers will be receiving their mag today -- newsagents are scheduled to receive their copies in the middle of next week.

So check out the new issue of TZ and in the meantime we're loading the van again and heading to Canberra this weekend for the annual Kowen Forest Ride ... woo hoo! See you there!

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