Saturday, April 17, 2010



To Clubby at TRAIL ZONE: I'm the silly bugger on the Husaberg from Gerringong who didn't know when to quit on Bel-Ray Breaker hill at the Kowen Ride last weekend. I'm just wondering if you've stopped laughing yet and could forward on the photos of me on the hill as I need to study them to work on my technique for the next ride? Thanks mate.
-- Andrew Gordon, via

G'day Andy: Okay mate, there are a stack of photos of you poor buggers on that hill, so check out the next few emails. You should also check out Wazza's video of the hill on Youtube at this link: Enjoy!
-- Clubby,

Hey Clubby: Thanks for the great photos and the link to Youtube. I'm spewing the video bloke missed me gettin' to the top, as no one believes me, even my mate that was with me says his memory is fading fast. I can't believe the video bloke thought I wasn't going to get to the top after 58 goes and left -- did he have no faith?! He even says im on a 390 Berg -- my mum rides a 390! I was on a 570! Now I've gotta go back next year and do it again. Feel free to use any photos of me in a what-not-to-do article on how to ride big hills. See ya at the next one ... and if you need any crash-test dummies, you know how to reach me.
-- Andy Gordon, via

Hi Andy: Mate, I was there and I've got ya back! Fair dinkum, you had more hits than Elvis on the Bel-Ray Breaker but you can stand tall and proud and tell the world you scaled the top in the end and made it. After 58 attempts, you deserved it -- or a coronary! See ya at the Kowen Ride next year; we'll be the blokes with the cameras waiting at the top again. Ride on,
-- Clubby,

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