Monday, April 19, 2010



Hi Guys: Just some more feedback on 'The Reprisal' article in TRAIL ZONE issue #28. It looks like Scott has been too busy bashing the Bishop to check out the wonderful world of Enduro riding. I know he mentioned the A4DE, but what about Red Bull Romaniacs? Or Dakar? I'm not comparing Motocross/SuperX and Enduro, as I think they are as hard as each other at professional levels, but seriously, I think the image of hillbilles with 15-year-old bikes and flanno shirts is a little stereo-typical. What a turkey. I'm looking forward to Bishop's '101 Ways to Sit on a Spanner' book in the near future. Keep it up fellas!
-- Zac Madden, via

We love your style, Zac. Almost as much the Bish loves slapping fresh new stickers on his YZ450F. One day we might just get the Bish back into the bush and rest assured that will be the day he cops his comeuppance.

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