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Hi Dr Phil: I can't choose which 250cc two-stroke to buy. It is between the Yamaha YZ250 and the KTM 250 EXC. I have riden Yamies all my life and I am upgrading from a YZ125. I would much prefer to get a YZ but what would it take to get it street-legal? Is it worth the effort or should I just get a KTM?
-- Mossy, via

G'day Mossy, thanks for your email. The red-tape and much associated drama you’d be treated to trying to rego the YZ simply isn’t worth it, and there’s a good chance Yamaha Australia have not directed the current YZ250 VIN number to the RTA anyway, which could mean you can’t have it regoed no matter how hard you are prepared to try! If you must have a Yamaha YZ two-banger on the road, look around for a 2003 model YZ250WR -- that was the last year Yamaha Australia offered the ADR-compliant two-stroke enduro bike. They were a neat unit and fully road-legal. Failing this the EXC Kato is indeed a gem and you’d love everything about it -- except perhaps the colour! Although if you just have to have a blue two-stroke, check out the all-new Husaberg 250 and 300 pre-mixers. Best of luck with it!
-- Dr Phil,

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