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Hi Clubby, Tania, PG & Lance: The postman recently delivered the latest issue of TRAIL ZONE and first thing I discover when glancing through it is that TZ is now five years old. Well done to all of you. You have a bloody good magazine there and the market really needs an independent publication like TZ to maintain some sort of balance against the more "formulaic" mags churned out by the big publishers which whilst informative, seem to lack "personality" for want of a beter word. I suppose it must have been a bit daunting when you first started out but nothing ventured nothing gained, you took the chance and it's paid off. TRAIL ZONE is something you can be justifiably proud of, but then considering who you trained under, it should be. You wouldn't want ol' GE to come back and haunt you, would you? Once again a big well done, I look forward to enjoying TRAIL ZONE for many more years to come. My shout next time we meet. The second thing I discovered is a lack of PE250Bs in the Classic Dirt coverage, you know how to fix that shortcoming ...
-- Wazza, via

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Wazza. We're more than a little chuffed to have powered through the five-year milestone, but truth be told we can't wait for the next five years to start roosting by. We have as much fun making the magazine (and our annual IN THE ZONE DVD) as all our readers have when roosting through the boonies on their dirt bikes, and after all, that's what it's all about. As for having GE come back and haunt us, he was haunting enough when he was around and one of the toughest task-masters ever, which was only ever driven by his unwavering desire to produce a magazine that stood out from the crowd. Finally, my offer for your PE250B still stands: a lifetime subscription to TZ, a couple of TZ T-shirts for you and your boy Lachie, and a Liquourland gift voucher for the missus! When you really want to talk turkey, you've got our number! Ride on,
-- Clubby,

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