Thursday, August 19, 2010



Every issue we get a mountain of entries for our now long-running Dririder Rallycross Photo Stop contest where we invite readers to send us their best photo that captures what's great about riding dirt bikes and that might just inspire more riders to get out there and do it.

And every issue we pick one photo to win a brand spanking new Dririder Rallycross Pro 2 jacket courtesy of the crew at McLeod Accessories.

In TRAIL ZONE issue #31 that has just gone on-sale, long-time WA subscriber Lex Porebski was selected as the winner for his wicked photo high atop a sand dune somewhere on the WA coast, so we duly contacted him to advise him of his big score and the fact a spiffy new Rallycross Pro 2 jacket would soon be on the way to him.

Faster than you could say, 'Hit reply and send', Lex fired back this message:

"Thanks guys! Gotta say I am very pleased indeed. Here is the photo I was going to consider sending in at the same time as my winning one. I'm glad I didn't in case you guys didn't see the funny side ... it's a pic from our Holland Track ride. Thanks again -- Lex P"

Congratulations Lex -- and may all Jimmy's Thunder Boxes along the side of the Holland Track have a complimentary copy of TRAIL ZONE at the ready for those urgent trail-side pit stops when nature calls!

And keep those Dririder Rallycross Photo Stop entries rolling in.

-- Clubby,

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  1. Gotta say the only issue Ive had with the sweet Rallycross Pro2 jacket over my older Rallycross Evo is that a "Large size" in the Evo is not the same as a "large size" in the newer Pro2 jacket.

    I found that i should have gone with the "Extra Large" Pro2 jacket to get the same comfortable fit as my older Rallycross evo.