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Enduro Cross is coming to Melbourne early in the New Year with a professionally run event which has already attracted the countriy's top riders.

Reigning Aussie Off-Road Champion Toby Price, Ben Grabham, Jarrod Bewley, Stefan Merriman, Chris Hollis, Josh Green, Mitch Harper and Daniel Milner are just a few of the big names that have already confirmed they will be on the start gate for the inaugural event.

The event will be run on Saturday 5th February 2011 at the Broadmeadows Motocross venue, only 10km from the Melbourne CBD. The venue has had major works done, has been revamped and will accommodate up to 4,000 spectators.

The event will be promoted by the father and son team of Dave and Colin Robbins under the control of the Motorcycling Victoria Enduro committee.

Colin and Dave Robins are no strangers to running major events. They are known for running one of the best events on the Victorian Off-Road Calendar at Horsham as well as a round of the Australian Off-Road Championships at the same venue. In the past Colin has run the famous Blue Light Ride whilst Dave has competed at a State, National and International level.

"All the riders have welcomed this type of event bringing the competition to the city area for the public to see, it's only 10km from Melbourne CBD," Dave Robbins said.

"It's a great prelude to the Australian Off-Road Championships starting two weeks later. It gives riders like Glenn Kearney, Chris Hollis and John Green who have been racing overseas a chance to see where they are placed against local heroes Price, Grabham, Bewley and Merriman. We're all really excited about it and the crowd will be too!"

Motocross commentator Lee Hogan will entertain the crowd with his legendary commentary and the evening is sure to be one not to miss.

With $5000 for the winner, the Pro Class has already attracted the big names but there will also be an Expert/Clubman class, as well as a new Under 19 class that is to be introduced for the night.

Enduro Cross is a mix of Supercross and enduro, brought to the spectators up-close and personal on an indoor or closed outdoor circuit. It is skill based, not speed based. The track comprises many sections with riders using every skill required in off-road riding. The sections include rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, water holes and special obstacles like giant tyres and wooden sections.

"Enduro cross brings a whole new element to racing because it's not built on speed; it's built on the riders and his ability to ride a motorcycle over a variety of obstacles. The level of excitement at these events has to be seen to be believed," Dave Robbins enthused.

"Typically enduro type events are run in remote or hard to get at locations. We aim to bring the action to the people. Australian riders are currently competing alongside riders all around the world and an event with Australian riders would be a truly world class event.

"The intention of the event is to bring a caliber of racing to the Melbourne public that has never seen before in an open arena," Robbins added. "The entertainment will be purely motorcycle competition related and will be directed towards family orientated spectators with an interest in this type of event at its most purist format.

"This type of event format brings the riding competition to the family person who can enjoy modern amenities, such as toilets, a bar and eating facilities in a civilized environment. The test of riders' skills at this level is both challenging and competitive and a high level of spectator value is assured. Riders will be racing for substantial prize money during the traditional off season and treat the event as a pre season opener, warm up type event," Robbins concluded.

Further information can be found at the web site.

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