Sunday, December 19, 2010



Hi guys: just a quick question. I have been watching your new IN THE ZONE: EPISODE 4 DVD and it is fantastic! But if you don't camp while riding, why all the luggage? What do you carry?
-- Dave, via

Now Dave, seven days in the outback in the middle of winter means carting around a few clothes and toiletries, and then there's the real high priority stuff like tools, spares, tubes, water and fuel for the long-range sections. Me, I also need to cart around a bag full of cameras and battery chargers. And a hair dryer. Then Lance needs to cart around a whopping big bag of video gear, microphones, tripods and lighting equipment. And a foot massager. Then the Wolfman (pictured) needs to cart around three flagons of cheap red, a kilo of blue vein cheese (kept at room temperature, of course), crackers and nibblies for his regular trailside snack stops to take in the view. Then Clive and Heath cart along tents and sleeping bags with them, because they are truly hard-core and prefer to sleep on the ground rather than get stiffed $25 each for a flea-bitten donga at some low-bag van park in Marree. And then the Major is a senior citizen so that means he has to cart around a collapsible wheelchair and inflatable toilet seat cushion to give him the true comfort he has become accustomed to at each overnight stop. Other than that, we all travel pretty light ... really. Ride on!
-- Clubby,

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