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Hi all: I have been a long-time reader of your magazine and have noticed there is not too much written about riding in or around Adelaide. I currently enjoy the riding in Queensland, but there is a potential we may be relocated due to work. Can you advise what, if any, is the riding scene like in SA?
-- Dave, via

Thanks for your email, Dave. We've done a few SA-based stories over the years, on trail rides in the southern and northern Flinders Ranges, as well as a few years of coverage of the annual SA 24 Hour Trial event. Down there in SA they are real strong on the 'road-trials' events, which are like long-distance enduro/trail rides. All the major bike shops in Adelaide are up to speed on these events, so you can find out details of that when you get there. If you want a specific shop to contact, try SA Dirt Bikes in Adelaide, as they are real hard-core trail and enduro guys and will be able to steer you in the right direction. You should also contact the DSMRA ( and/or AMTRA ( as both these national trail riding associations have branches in SA and you will be able to easily hook up with them for rides and find out plenty more about the local SA scene. It's like dirt bike riding anywhere: just contact the locals once you are there and get into it, because once you do, the rides will be coming thick and fast. Good luck with the move and thanks for reading the mag.
-- Clubby,

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  1. Dave; get yourself onto
    to find out about more SA rides and hook up with a decent club. Ariel MCC
    Gawler MCC
    and Keyneton MCC
    would be a good place to start.