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Hi: I am going to be doing the APC Rally in July and am in the process of setting-up a 2006 KTM SXC 625 for the ride. I took it for a run on the weekend to iron-out some of the bugs and have found a few things I would like to modify. One of those is to fit a windshield to give a bit more protection on the longer runs. The problem is the only company I can find that makes one has discontinued the line. Do you know of anyone that makes something or of anything that is close that can be modified to fit? I have also looked through your back issues for any info on the 625 and am unable to see anything that will help with set-up tips and things to check that have potential to go wrong. Any useful info will be appreciated, as all my riding over the years has been day rides on lighter enduro bikes and once I head off on the Rally, there will be no going back to the shed to change anything. I look forward to your magazine coming out every couple of months and enjoy reading the technical articles. If I rode a DR650 there seems to plenty of info but not much for the KTMs. Do you mob have shares with Suzuki or do they need that much work to get them up to speed? I took a standard DR for a ride and don't know how you could ride one in the bush at speed: it was like riding a fridge in a wheelbarrow! I have also found the SXC has a speedo built into the engine: when your vision goes blurry from the vibrations you're going fast enough!
-- Bruce Nolan, via www.trailzone.com.au

Now, Bruce, that was a subtle little dig you slipped in there about TRAIL ZONE's share holdings. No, we do not have shares in Suzuki. Yes, you do have to do that much work to the DR650 to get them up to speed in the bush. And do you mean it felt like riding a mini-bar fridge in a wheelbarrow, or a dual-door Kelvinator with ice-maker?! Now, seriously, I've got a couple of tips for you about the 625 SXC and finding/making a windscreen for it. First up, try contacting our ol' mate Don McGrath at Cycle Products West in Perth on (0419) 717 970 as he's the bloke that builds the Australian Safari winning KTMs of Ben Grabham and company, and he fabricates screens to run on their EXCs, and may well be able to make a screen to suit your bike, or steer you in the right direction. Another bloke worth contacting is Geoff Henning from Sunny Corner Trail Bike Tours in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, as he and his team are also closely familiar with KTM's SXCs and would be able to offer you plenty of info if you ask them nicely and say TRAIL ZONE sent ya. You can track down Geoff via the www.sunnycornertrailtours.com.au web site. As for free tips on racing the APC Rally: here's a few obvious ones: get out there and ride, ride, ride and ride. You will need to be bike-fit for 14 days on the bike. Get your luggage load sorted. Work on your bike at home with just the tools you are carrying in your bumbag and on your bike. Then during the ride, look after your bike and body as best you can, get as much rest each night as you can, and ride smart! The goal is to finish the ride, not snot yourself part way through and have it all end in tears. Good luck, mate, and enjoy the ride!
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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