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Hi Guys: Just received my May/June copy of TRAIL ZONE to which I was very disappointed to discover that from the 94 pages you offer over 30 pages were articles, advertising or a reference to Ducati, BMW, Tenere and other 300 kilo pieces of sh*t they call adventure bikes. What the hell is going on when seven pages are dedicated to some lump of crap called a Tenere and a lousy two pages for the new 350EXC? What's going on? This is not what I subscribed to TRAIL ZONE to read. A truly disappointing edition.
-- Terry Howlett (Potential ex- suscriber), via www.trailzone.com.au

Thanks for your email, Terry: That's what we like, clear concise no-holds-barred opinion.
The TRAIL ZONE masthead has always described our mag as a "Trail, Enduro and Adventure Riding Magazine". So that's what you're going to get: trail, enduro and adventure bikes.
As for advertisers choosing to run Ducatis, BMW and Teneres in their advertising, well, that is entirely their right. Just like another advertiser electing to run a full-page advert on their sponsorship of a motocross series (as Moto National did in this issue), or Kawasaki and Suzuki running adverts for their motocross bikes (as they have done in previous issues). We don't tell them what their advertising content should be: unless it is offensive.
As for the seven pages on the Tenere Tragics ride, come on mate, we ran that event, it was the first time we ran it, and we are Tenere enthusiasts, so of course it is going to get a big chunk of coverage in the mag.
As for the three-page feature and the front cover on the new KTM 350 EXC-F, remember this is a bike that is not even in series production yet, but we gave it such a big slice of prominence in this issue because we are stoked on that bike and can't wait until we can ride it and give it full coverage in the mag. And if KTM Australia let us hang onto one as a Project Bike for six months, you bet we will.
The content of the mag is always going to bounce around and the ratio of trail versus enduro versus adventure bikes will vary, too. And sometimes we will take the piss as well -- just like Dr Phil did this issue in his 'Misadventure' story. You did read that story, didn't you? Because it sure sounds like he shares some common opinions with you.
Thanks for your support in the past and here's hoping we can continue to earn your support in the future.
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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