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Every two years the mighty Intermot Koln motorcycle show fires into life in Germany.

We were there for the last show two years ago, and seeing it first hand is a ginormous exercise in burnt shoe leather and acres of shiny new motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. Hall after hall of hardware and accessories is almost mind numbing, because there's just so much of it!

Now, while the GFC has certainly slowed down the rush of new bike models unveiled at Intermot, there's still a sprinkling of gleaming 'styling concepts' and 'design studies' that offer a glimpse of future gems the factories might have in store for us.

This year's Intermot show fired into life yesterday, and Yamaha's WorldCrosser fits right into the category of show-stoppers: check it out!

What is it? Let's just say it's the ultimate XT1200Z Super Tenere that rekindles the Dakar flavour of the Super Tenere heritage when legends like Stephane Peterhansel ruled the roost in the world's toughest off-road marathon on booming twin-cylinder Yamahas.

The WorldCrosser started life as a new Yamaha Super Tenere -- and it's then been pimped to the max!

Look closely and you'll see a sprinkling of carbon-fibre and gold-coloured detailed parts, Ohlins suspension, flight deck navigation gear, Akrapovic exhaust, auxiliary rear fuel tank, tool pouch and a whole stack more.

Yamaha won't say if these bolt-on goodies will actually see the light of day as parts you can get from your friendly local Yamaha dealer, but we won't mind betting that is exactly what will happen. And if Yamaha doesn't make 'em, the aftermarket certainly will!

Here at TRAIL ZONE we've got a Super Tenere coming in the new year as TRAIL ZONE long-term test Project Bike -- we think we've just been presented with the 'vision' for the mods we're going to make to the ground-pounding Yamaha adventure machine ... talk about the perfect mount for the inaugural Tenere Tragics gathering we are promoting in March ... oh yeah!

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