Thursday, October 28, 2010



Congratulations on TRAIL ZONE's fifth birthday. I have to confess, I have only ever bought one issue (issue #1) in a newsagent, then subscribed and have never looked back. Thanks for the several gifts I have received over the years just for renewing my subscription but unfortunately, winning the Choose Your Ride competition still evades me. Maybe this time ... I enjoy reading the magazine from cover to cover and have made many of the mods/improvements you have recommended over the years to my WR450. Another highlight for me is watching all the ‘carnage’ on the In The Zone DVDs. I have just returned from six months in the Solomon Islands and of course had my wife forward TRAIL ZONE to me as soon as it arrived in the mail. There are not too many motorbikes over there at all but even the local constabulary get around on little gems -- the ever reliable DT175! The real jewel in the crown (calm down Clubby), was finding this piece of motorcycling history (a mighty Tenere!) in one of the car parks of one of the hotels. I tried to locate the owner as I thought there may have been a decent yarn in the history of the old girl and how she ended up in Honiara but had no luck, so it will remain a mystery. Sadly I will not be able to join you on the Tenere Tragics Run to the Rocks next year as I sold my ’96 Tenere a couple of years ago, (as it was getting no off-road use) and upgraded to a big-bore road bike (ZX14). Silly, I know, but one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m really kicking myself now after reading about the upcoming ride. Maybe I can convince the wife into letting me buy a new Tenere and I might be ready for the next Tenere run? Anyway, I hope you guys have a blast on the Tenere Tragic Run and I look forward to reading about it and more in future issues. Keep up the good work!

-- Allan Young, via

Thanks for the email, Al. The global reaches of the almighty Tenere brand knows no bounds! Keep working on the missus and get that new bike organsied and we'll see you in the Flinders in the first week of March.

-- Clubby,

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