Friday, October 22, 2010



Hi Clubby and the crew at TRAIL ZONE:
Once again an excellent issue of TRAIL ZONE with issue 32. Over the years I have had some of my restorations in your ever-increasing in size magazine but I cannot remember if I have ever sent you pics of the bike that started my obsession with bike restorations? A 1983/84 Honda XR500R. I acquired it as a wreck and set about restoring it to its former glory. It gets daily use now as my work ride and on weekends I attack the trails up here in Ingham, NQ. If Honda ever made a perfect thumper it was this bike!
Enjoy the pics and yes, it’s the same bike!
-- Colin Leonelli, via

Nice job, Colin, for sure! Need another restoration project ... bringing a fine example of a 1983 Yamaha Tenere back to its former glory??? Just let me know ...

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