Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yamaha Trail Desert Master 900 Special

Good Morning Guys at TRAIL ZONE,
Have just been reading issue #25 over the weekend. I have a gripe though - Is the TDM Desert Master Yamaha available? I rang Bike Biz @ Parramatta & spoke to a salesman and he thought I was mad! I told him to buy your mag and see it for himself? Have checked the web and there is a Desert Master (a standard TDM plus the parts) - except for the seat? What is the cost of a seat? So how much is the Desert Master TDM as tested buy you guys in issue #25? Keep up the good work - I loved all the stories on the KLR 650 / Wee-Strom 650s , but I think that the extra ponies of a TDM would suit my needs.
-- Barry Regan, via www.trailzone.com.au

Hi Barry,
The TDM Trail Desert Master was a development exercise by Yamaha Australia and when I featured the bike in the new issue of TRAIL ZONE I wasn't clear on if the bike was actually going to be available as a special-edition model. My apologies for any confusion, however I'm surprised your Yamaha dealer wasn't familiar with the bike build.
So your Yamaha dealer could supply/fit the parts for you except for the seat. I suspect that buying the bits and fitting them yourself would be cheaper and more fun if you have the tools to do the job.
The parts list and prices are as follows, and all these parts are Genuine Yamaha Accessories available from any Yamaha dealer or check out the www.yamaha-motor.com.au/yshop web site for more details:
Rear luggage rack – $274.20
GYTR bar adaptors – $59.95
GYTR handguards – $67.25
Bar pad –  $24.15
Engine bars –  $302.08
Tall screen – $222.32
The custom seat was done by Emu Plains Upholstery (NSW) for $150.
If you have any further questions, please let me know.
-- Lance Turnley,
    for TRAIL ZONE Magazine

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