Saturday, August 15, 2009


What is it about dirt bike riders and stickers?

Perhaps it's just that stickers are the answer to the eternal question: "How do I make my bike go fast and handle good?"

By slapping on some go-fast stickers, of course!

After selling out of our TRAIL ZONE magazine Tuf-Stuff stickers a while ago, we've finally had some new ones done by the boys at Ringmaster Images ( in Melbourne and  these little beauties promise to make your steed go faster and handle gooder!

These new TRAIL ZONE stickers come in a sheet 33cm wide by 25cm deep and each sheet includes a total of eight die-cut stickers for your bike's fork legs, front guard, swingarm and rear guard.

They're made from ultra-curve thick clear Tuf-Stuff vinyl using scratch-proof sub-surface printing. Sounds impressive, huh? They're the real deal in other words.

They're priced at $20 a sheet and Tania tells me we actually have a queue of hard core TRAIL ZONE readers waiting in line for these Tuf-Stuff stickers to head their way, now that we have finally had them made.

Check out the web site and look for the 'Stickers' link to order, or call the TRAIL ZONE office on (02) 9905 ZONE during business hours and you can place your order over the phone.

And then stick 'em up with pride!

-- Clubby

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