Monday, August 31, 2009



Having read Reeksie's 4 Day story on the WR250F, I would have to say the triple tubes and slime at 20psi would make the WR250F feel like a tank with a very heavy feel that caused all your suspension problems!

Its no wonder he just missed out on Gold by three-tenths of a second!

Adding that big heavy bashplate and extra heavy tubes at such high pressure is the best way to slow you down and ruin the handling!

You should have known .

-- Adam Troy,


Ah, there is always the sceptic!

The tubes plus slime wouldn’t have been any heavier than a mousse tube and as far as Whippy's little bashplate masterpiece goes, tell that to the whopping piece of granite that I snotted on Day 2! I’d still be picking out pieces of clutch plate even now if it wasn't for the bashplate!

I think AT forgets it’s a FOUR DAY enduro. 

Having the most powerful bike or the best handling bike counts for nothing when you’ve lost trail time or houred-out. Dependability and reliability are the key factors in finishing a Four Day.

-- Reeksy,



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