Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dirtwise Advanced Instructional DVD Volume #1

Our ol' mate Shane Watts has dropped a line to TRAIL ZONE HQ and in between taking care of his family and travelling the world staging his Dirtwise riding schools, he asked if we could get a plug in for his latest Advanced Instructional DVD Volume #1. So here's the blurb:

"Dirt Wise with Shane Watts Advanced Instructional DVD Volume #1 – Mud, Sand, and Rough Ground - In this sequel to the highly praised off road instructional Dirtwise DVD which covers the core situations encountered on the trail, World Champion Off Road Racer Shane Watts takes you through over one hour’s worth of advanced techniques for navigating the most serious of terrain: Mud, Sand and Rough Ground.   When you have completed Volume 1 of this Dirtwise with Shane Watts Advanced DVD Series, you’ll have a view of the trail through the mind and eyes of a pro. Wattsy will show you how to select the best lines and better analyze and consistently conquer the grueling sections of the trail so that you can ride safer, faster and conserve energy. As an added bonus, he’ll cover specific bike preparation and suspension tuning for this type of difficult terrain. Other DVDs to be released shortly in this Advanced Instructional series include; Volume 2:  Braking, Cornering, and Tight trails, Volume 3:  Logs, Rocks, Wheelies, and Water crossings, Volume 4:  Hills, Gullies and Off-Camber Trails. In this complete series, Shane won’t just show you what to do but he will help you to better understand why you’re doing it so when you’re out on the track you can easily apply these advanced principles to every type of technical terrain, obstacles and situations.  Visit for more information and to purchase your copy!"


Now, what you need to do is get onto this YouTube link and check out the teaser  for Wattsy’s new DVD:  


One view of that teaser clip is proof enough ol' mate Wattsy has lost none of his speed and style. Go son!

If I had as much riding talent as Wattsy has in just one of his big toes, I'd be a happy man.

-- Clubby,

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