Sunday, August 30, 2009



Hi Clubby,
I just spent a family weekend with the Trail & Enduro club over here in the west (WA). The ride weekend was held at Camp Mornington south of Perth. They arrowed some trails ranging from really easy, to just mildly challenging for the novice rider and kids. It was a great chance for the dads to ride with the kiddies in a controlled enviroment, but not over-controlled. 
After a briefing about how the whole thing works we were let loose with the kids. All trails were one-direction and well set-out. A few hills, tight trails through the trees, some mud and a creek crossing thrown in made for some great riding. Around midday on day one the dads were taken for a more serious cornerman ride, and the trails were brilliant. While we were out on the cornerman ride, the kids were being supervised on a flying-fox set-up by the Camp Mornington PCYC.
There was the option of camping or dorm accommodation, and catering was supplied in the canteen, or cook your own meals.
It was a great opportunity for the young ones to meet other kids who ride, and forge some new friendships.
At night of course it was Bourbon around the campfire for us big kids.
The Trail and Enduro Club is making this an annual event. My son Jake and I will be there next year for sure.
See you there!
-- Gaz & Jake Whittle,

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