Sunday, February 14, 2010



G'day Clubby: I have an '83 Tenere and have been reading the articles about yours -- they've been really good. My front springs are RS so I sent an email to Teknik for some info. No repy -- so I thought that they may only deal with bike shops, so I went to the shop in Parkes that I deal with and he tried. They wanted the spring diameter and length. The guy explained that the springs are still in the bike and that they had supplied the ones for your bike and could we get the same. No go -- they said that they have no info on a bike that old. So my question is, do you know what went into yours, as in a part number or something? Any info would be good.
-- Ken Gamble, via

G'day Ken: I just had Tania dig out the receipt from Teknik for the fork springs that went into my 83 Tenere. It says: "Item # 19-080-44 Teknik Fork Spring: Retail price $189." Hope this helps you out. Keep me posted. Haven't got a spare '83 Tenere shock kicking around, have you? Okay mate, gotta go polish the old beast ... then go ride it! I suggest you go do the same.
-- Clubby,

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