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Hi guys: I just got off the road bikes (KTM SD 990R) and bought a new KTM 690 Enduro R and a few of your magazines and watched your videos -- the ones I especially like are the Bridle Track and the Snowy Mountains run. I was going to buy a DR or similar but I like Katos, having had two Superdukes and a LC 640 Supermoto. I just hope the 690 does not rattle as much as the 640! I have also had a couple of KLR650s and a DR650 but found them a little uninspiring, although good solid bikes and a great buy. With only experience of riding on gravel and probably having to ride alone due to soft mates who only like road, can you suggest a tyre puncture easy-fix just in case and any other hints or tips that come to mind, as I live in southern Sydney and would like to keep away from the radar etc and check out some one/two/three day rides west, north or south?
-- Mike H, via

Congrats on the new Kato and your transition from the dark side, Mike. Riding the black-top is the currency you have to pay to get to the dirt. Having come from tar riding I strongly suggest doing an off-road riding course. Even for experienced riders it’s great for honing the skills and the Academy of Off-Road Riding have courses in NSW and Victoria for adventure bikes so check out their dates asap. As for the puncture repair kit, we featured the inexpensive Thumbs Up Repair Kit from Holeshot Sports in TZ issue #26. You can also check out Popgun's tips for avoiding punctures in TZ issue #24. Definitely run heavy-duty tubes and keep your tyre pressures up to reduce the chance of a puncture. The headquarters is also based in southern Sydney like yourself and we head out either through Windsor or Wisemans Ferry or south to Nowra until we get to the dirt. If you go to the and click on the 'Travel' link there are a list of routes to check out. You may not have to worry about radar cameras once you’re out there, but just keep an eye out for cows, sheep, kangaroos, and if you’re riding through the Werrikimbie National Park south of Kempsey, please let me know if you find my Garmin Zumo GPS! ENjoy the ride,
-- Lance 'Russ' Turnley, Webmaster

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