Monday, February 22, 2010



Our ol' mate Magnus Eriksson from Outback Adventure Treks has put the word out that a limited number of spots are up for grabs to race this year's Australasian Safari in WA on BMW G 450 X Rallye race bikes his team is preparing.

Here's the news from Magnus, so check out the web site for more details and to contact Magnus and sign up for the ride of a lifetime:

"Outback Adventure Treks will be providing Australasian Safari support packages again in2010. We will be using BMW 450 bikes this year instead of the 650s.

"We will be offering three packages for 2010:
  1. The complete package. Which is like a fly-in fly-out deal. We supply bike, accom, meals, service, fuel etc. Everything apart from the entry fee and air fares. Price: $19,540.
  2. A ride and buy package. Which is a complete package but you own the bike, BMW 450 Rallye, on the first day of the event. Price: $26,500
  3. Transport package. Where we carry your gear to each overnight stop and provide the midday refuel. We will carry a swag and a box (max size 0.25 cubic meters ie. 100cm x 80cm x 30cm (max 40kg) as well as two wheels and all your tyres.) You also have the use of a Quikshade so you stay dry and out of the sun. We also cart your bike back to Perth at the end of the event. Price: $1500. We will also assist with your bike freight and pick you up at the airport.

    "If you want any more info please see the web site and be in touch.
-- Magnus,
235 days to Safari"

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