Thursday, February 4, 2010



If you reckon being editor of a national dirt bike magazine is all about riding bikes and opening up big boxes of spiffy new riding gear, think again!

When you publish the magazine yourself like we do here at TRAIL ZONE, well, you fast get used to doing everything yourself ... and we mean EVERYTHING!

TRAIL ZONE issue #28 has just rolled off the presses at our printers Good Impressions, which means pallet loads of the new issue are right now in the hands of our Australian and New Zealand distributor, Gordon & Gotch, trucking their way to newsagents right around both sides of the Tasman.

Our subscriber copies of the new mag have also been packed and shipped out to Australia Post yesterday afternoon, which means they will be landing in subscriber mail boxes from today.

But what this means for us here at TZ HQ is we've spent the past two days down in the warehouse, lovingly packaging thousands of magazines into envelopes to get them into the mail and out to subscribers ASAP.

And yes, subscribers DO get their copies before the newsagents here at TRAIL ZONE.

It's a laborious, numbing, aching kind of job, stuffing mags into envelopes, but hey, it has to be done -- and truth be told we actually like to do it, because it means we get to keep tabs on the entire mail-out process, rather than entrusting the job to a third-party mail house.

Which means when there's a cock-up and for some reason you don't get your magazine, or the postie drops it, runs over it and shreds it with the back wheel of his CT110, you can ring us and we can take care of it.

TRAIL ZONE issue #28 is another ripper and one we're all quite proud of.

Check out the cover image attached and you'll fast get the gist of all the editorial goodness that is jammed inside the new issue and awaiting your perusal.

And remember, the winner of our current CHOOSE YOUR RIDE subscriber promotion will be drawn on February 26, so if you haven't subscribed to the mag to get your entry in and get your chance to take your choice of a new Husky TE450 or Kawasaki KLX450R or KTM 300 EXC or Suzuki DR-Z400E or Yamaha WR450F, now is the time to do it!

To subscribe and enter, click on the 'Subscribe' link on the home page or just give us a call here at the TRAIL ZONE off on (02) 9905 ZONE and we can process your subscription over the phone, or you can email us at

-- Clubby,

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