Monday, March 1, 2010



Hi TRAIL ZONE team: I am looking at buying a good chain press or breaker, something that can go in the bumbag. For the shed work I’ve been using the whaler tool. Can you suggest a good one? And should I look at putting a joiner in the chain or just carry one in the bumbag? The chain is a 520 O-ring.
-- Tim Dixon, via

Thanks for your email, Tim. I’ve got to say that both Clubby and I have always had great success with the mini Terra-X chain breaker, even before our time at TRAIL ZONE magazine, when we were back at Dirt Action we were mighty impressed with the selection of quality products from the Terra-X range. It’s particularly smart and a great engineering design the way the Terra-X chain breaker works in conjunction with their tyre levers. Get hold of TRAIL ZONE back issue #27 -- call (02) 9905 ZONE to order -- and check out our product review, which shows how the chain breaker working with the Terra-X tyre levers that will also fit in your bumbag. It's a strong unit and will press out the pin in the chain you want to work on. Also check out the web site for prices and details of your nearest Terra-X dealer.
-- Dr Phil,

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