Sunday, March 14, 2010



Hi guys: A mate, Greg Burns, and myself from Newcastle are true Tenere tragics from years past (please see attached photo of Greg's bike). He has just finished his 1986 1VJ restoration after two years, many hours shed time and hard work (not to mention dollars). He's now enjoying living the dream again. From the early days of riding our original Teneres to Cape York and other adventures, it's great to see these old classics in your magazine (and we want to see more of them). I couldn't help but send this in, he's done a nice job.
-- John McDonough, via

Can't argue with you, John, your mate Greg has done a brilliant job on his Tenere restoration. I feel guilty as sin about my '83 Tenere, that's sitting downstairs in the workshop, feeling very unloved and unwanted, ever since I got hold of our new XT660Z Tenere Project Bike. I better head out and give the old girl an airing ... ride on!
-- Clubby,

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