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Hey guys, just thought I would send you an email to say thanks for such a great mag -- I am putting my subscription in the post on Monday. Now, me and my mates had a weekend of riding last week at a state forest near us and came across a bloke on an '82 Honda XL500. And let me tell ya, Ned Kelly is still alive and riding this beast -- check out the high-tech foot pegs! He had no gear, just an open-face black helmet, AC/DC shirt and boy, he could he ride! My mates and I have not laughed so hard, so cheak out the three pics I have attached.
-- Grant, Armidale, NSW, via

Now there's a legend bloke if ever we saw one, Grant. You just gotta love the guy's style. Reminds of a time years ago when I went on a ride out the back of the Blue Mountains on an organised trail ride with Glenn Hoffmann, back when he was riding KTMs, which was a long, long time ago. One of the guys that turned up for the ride was on an ancient old Yamaha XT250 with a Monoshock rear end with triangulated swingarm where the shock was up under the tank, and the bike had a sheepskin seat cover and he ran a denim shirt, jeans and work boots. But bugger me, the guy could ride the wheels of that ol' clunker and he pulled monos and powersldies everywhere, howling round all of us on the outside of the turns and generally just winding it on! I still crack a smile when I think of that bloke. Good times!
-- Clubby,

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