Saturday, March 20, 2010



Picking up a new bike always feels awesome -- but when you get your new bike courtesy of winning TRAIL ZONE magazine's annual CHOOSE YOUR RIDE subscription promotion, well, that must be extra-sweet.

South Aussie TRAIL ZONE subscriber Peter Bray was the big winner of our recently concluded 2009/'10 CHOOSE YOUR RIDE promotion and when we plucked his lucky coupon out of the barrel, he was shocked and stoked to receive the big news -- he said he couldn't believe his luck!

Well, this morning it all became true, really true, as Big Pete and his partner Sarah and baby daughter Ella made the trip to Adelaide to collect his brand spanking new Kawasaki KLX450R from Evan Byles and the crew at SA Dirt Bikes, Kawasaki's number one SA dealership.

As soon as he got back home, Pete fired us the attached photo of he and Ella (how cute is she?!) receiving the KLX from Evan, and then added at the end of his message: "and I've already been riding the KLX for the past hour, it's awesome!"

Well done, Pete, and congratulations again.

And thanks to everyone who subscribed to TRAIL ZONE and thanks to all the industry heavy-hitters at Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha who put up the dazzling array of five prize bikes to choose from ... look out for our next massive CHOOSE YOUR RIDE subscription promotion later in the year!

-- Clubby,

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