Monday, March 15, 2010


This is really sad news: Simon Buckley was tragically killed in an accident last weekend while riding in Argentina, as part of the Ride Right Round fundraising campaign for raising the awareness of men's health issues and specifically prostate cancer.

We met Simon a couple of years ago at the Sydney Motorcycle Show when he and Todd Barry were gearing up to set-off on their epic journey right the way round the world. The guys were keener than a case of mustard and were wide-eyed as they planned their mighty adventure.

Here's the sad announcement from Todd: our thoughts and sympathies go out to all Simon's family and friends ...

"To the supportive sponsorship team for the Ride Right Round, I regretfully and sadly write to you with some tragic news: Simon my co-rider on the Ride Right Round for Prostate Cancer was found on the side of the road in Argentina having died in an accident on his motorcycle on March 10. From reports the accident resulted from a tyre blow-out which flipped the bike. He was found by a passing family and last Friday his family were contacted by the Argentinean Authorities and they in turn have contacted myself. At the time I was in NZ planning to campaign there but have now flown back to Sydney to assist his family with the process of returning Simon to Australia.
"Reports from the Authorities and from our own local resource were that Simon died instantly and that there were no other vehicles involved, a tyre blow-out caused him to lose control which flipped his motorcycle. His family are in the process of arranging with travel insurance and the Argentinean Authorities to get him home and are naturally suffering greatly the loss of Simon.
"The support of our sponsors for this project has been greatly appreciated and it is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you this horrible news. In the last months of his journey he endured some challenging riding but he was enjoying himself to the fullest, something that possibly would not have happened without the support of the sponsorship team. Simon was doing what he loved and his passing brings great sadness to his family and friends but I am sure he was living his life to the max right up until that tragic moment.
"Please pass on to those that were involved with our project this sad news."
-- Todd Barry,

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