Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Email is a wonderful thing: it's all about communication in an instant, from any far-flung corner of the globe, about any subject you care to (or don't care to!) ponder.

Bottles of Viagra ... news of million dollar lottery wins from someone in Nigeria you've never met ... requests to divulge your bank account details and passwords ... not to mention a veritable feast of dorky Twitter posts you really could live without -- yes, where would you be without a stready stream of fresh arrivals in your email Inbox?!

But every now and then a little gem pops up that catches your attention and makes you recline back in your chair before stretching forward for a close-up second and third look at your computer monitor.

Take this image, for example, which just landed in the TRAIL ZONE Inbox.

The subject line said '2011 Husaberg' which is no biggy in itself: we cop photos of new bikes all the time, of course.

This time though there was no accompanying text, no specs and no details.

Just this punchy action shot of a schmick new Husaberg flying through the air -- complete with two-stroke powerplant and expansion chamber ... say what?!

Yep, the rumours of two-stroke Husabergs are now one step closer to being fact ... if this photo can be believed?

And can it?

Well, that's the million dollar question, Eddie, but just when can we lock the answer in?

We're guessing all will be revealed all too soon and one or quite likely two new two-stroke Husabergs utilising engines sourced from parent company KTM will be added to the Husaberg range for 2011.

Given that Husaberg is a brand founded on four-stroke dirt bike technology, the arrival of two-strokes in the range is a bold move indeed for the specialist European marque ... but all we can say is long live the two-stroke trail/enduro bike!

-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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