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Hi everybody at TRAIL ZONE! Absolutely love the mag. I've been a subscriber I think since issue #2, and look forward to years and years more. Keep up the great work, it's truly appreciated! But I've got a question that I'm hoping someone there may have an answer to, or at least point me in the right direction. I'm 50 years old and ride an '04 KTM 250EXC. I've fitted a HT 351cc kit some years ago, along with their exhaust header system, and JD jets etc. The thing absolutely flies, and suits me right down to the ground. I've done the same mods to my best mate's bike, and we reckon we must be the inspiration for the KTM 350 SX-F! My mates and I get out as often as we can, which is always never enough. Bearing that in mind, I gotta say that my current boots are finally (well and truly) ready to be thrown out. Currently they're held together with zip-ties and masking tape. Having said that, brings me to my question: which boots are my next choice? You see, I'm a post-polio sufferer, having contracted the disease when I was just seven-years-old (back in the last days of the Australian polio epidemic). Although I recovered over the ensuing years, I was left with limited ankle movement and strength. This has become a predicament for me when choosing boots that work with my ankles. I've always been able to buy the Rossi full-leather boot -- do you remember the ones? They were full-leather, combat sole, five steel buckles and a little steel piece nailed across the toe. I know, they weren't the greatest high-tech boot, but they had the flexibility to allow my low-flexibility ankles to slide in. My ankles don't have very much extension -- up, down or side-to-side. Trying to get into the current boots on the market just seems extremely difficult -- they're too stiff. And with that stiffness comes an inability to manipulate the boot with my weak ankles. That's why I've held on to my old Rossi boots for so long, patching them up as the years move on. So I was wondering if you have any ideas?Which boots could you suggest that are very flexible at the ankle area, and are not too bulky so not to tire my lower legs and feet (residual weakness)? I don't believe Rossi still make the boot I've described. The web site only lists road bike boots. I'm only a recreational rider, nothing too serious, but still an absolute enthusiast! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-- Scott, via

Thanks for your email, Scott. We know the Rossi boots only too well. We started out with them back in the day, too. Rossi still make work boots and road bike boots, and even though motocross boots are not shown on their web site, it would still be worth a phone call or email to them to ask if they have any suggestions. You never know, some old stocks might be stashed away somewhere? As for other options, have a scour around on eBay and look for the old Hi-Point motocross boots that were the early forerunners to today's modern motocross boots. They were a leather boot in the days before plastic impact panels and inserts became all the rage. Our mate in Los Angeles, Big Rich Gold still runs these boots today because he loves the movement and flexibility they offer, and he can still find them at shops in the US every now and then, so take a look at them. Other than that, what about specialist trials boots like the latest Alpinestars No-Stop boots pictured here? Trials boots are a lot more supple and less restrictive than full-on motocross boots and might do what you need? You'll have to hunt around the bigger bike shops and online stores to find them, but keep looking and keep asking. Good luck with the hunt and keep that 350 Kato purring!
-- Clubby,

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