Saturday, July 3, 2010



Hi Clubby and the TZ team: Thanks for a great mag, I look forward to its delivery every two months and race my boy to the letterbox to be the one for the first read. I have read with enthusiasm over the past two issues about ‘upsecs' for the Yamaha WR450F Project Bike you guys have been developing and have adopted a few of these to my trusty steed (I bought a WR-F new in 2009 after realising that my age could not keep up to the might of my beloved CR250R of my younger, quicker-healing days!). Even today after a blast with my son around our property, we both conclude that the WR-F really has that 'something special' in both forgiving characteristic yet potent performance. But what also dawned on me was the fact that I was lucky enough to be out with my boy doing 'something special' that we love to do together and have done so for several years. The chat, the banter, and the laughs gained through true quality-time is what makes motorcycling the ultimate in father/son bonding! And to top off my day, I received this cool rego label holder in the mail that my wife had ordered for me from I fitted it tonight (in minutes) and now believe I have a duty to share this beauty with your readers. I have left the sub-frame tailpiece under the rear guard of the WR and simply zip-tied (it comes with screws) the label holder to this. Legal, robust, correctly positioned, stable and flexible for the hard knocks. I’ve included a photo for all to see. Fellow riders, encourage your children to ride and get into this, it fits any bike. All the best!
-- Nads, via

Thanks for your email, Nads. We've long said that the family that rides together sticks together, so get out there in the sticks with your boy any chance you can and carve it up. It's good times, for sure. And what an awesome missus you've got that's shouting you goodies for your bike -- what a gal ... go Nads!
-- Clubby,

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