Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Hi guys: Thought you might like this story and photo. My mate busted his front brake lever (and wasn't carrying a spare) in the middle of the Gheerulla trailbike area near Mapleton in Queensland. Out come my MacGyver skills and my trusty DR650 spark plug spanner to the rescue ... For the record we rode another 250-plus kilometres with his 'new lever'. It seems there really is nothing you can't do with a DR650! I reckon you should have a new section in the mag just for this sort of stuff.
-- Chris, via www.trailzone.com.au

Great salvage job there, Chris. And you're right, we love these kinds of trailside tricks that help get you and your mates home again when bikes get busted. Back in TRAIL ZONE issue #23 we ran a chunky story called '101 Trail Tips' that was filled with tricks and tips just like this -- it might be time for us to have a look at some more cheap tricks in coming issues? Thanks for the thought.
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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