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Hi guys! OK, I have just sent through some photos for your Photo Stop page. I hope you can find a spot for them somewhere, sometime. Who am I…? We have met before. I am the fellow who crashed in 2009 on the way to the Snowy Ride with you, just north of Braidwood, almost exactly 12 months ago. I use 'Lone Star' on the forums sometimes. Brief catch up since then: collarbone snapped that day like a Z without the vertical bit. Six weeks to heal and I still have a bump there. Thanks again to all of you who helped me out. The bike was written-off, so I collected the insurance and bought another KLE500. Since then I have ridden far and wide. In May/June 2010 I spent three weeks on my own, down through southern NSW, over into Tasmania then back up to Victoria, west and up to Echuca, then home. Over 5,000km without missing a beat. Just recently I did a three-day trip down to the Snowies, once again on my own, along the Barry Way, then over to Bega and home. They are just a couple of the bigger runs that have nice photos. I learnt a lot from that crash last year and now have over 15,000km behind me since then and still love riding. Plans are afoot for more rides like these. Anyway, it's nice to say hello and let you guys know that I am still out there pedalling around… All the best.
-- Jim Wells via

Thanks for your email and photos, Jim, but you know what, your ears must have been burning. We just got home from this year's Snowy Ride South to the Snowy Ride in Thredbo, and on Friday morning we went right by that very corner where you clouted the bank and did all that damage to yourself and your bike. You copped a few mentions amongst the crew on the ride this year -- thankfully this time everyone managed to keep it rubber-side-down and the only 'casualties' were one flat tyre and one drowned Tenere. Congrats on climbing back in the saddle and racking up so many miles since your off. That's the spirit! No doubt we'll bump into you again one day out there on the trails. Good luck.
-- Clubby,

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