Tuesday, November 30, 2010



G'day Clubby, Tania, Russ and Dr Phil: I just wanted to say it was great meeting you all at the Melbourne Expo last weekend. Thanks Clubby for signing the 5th Anniversary Mag and for the bonus hat -- it meant a lot to me. We came home from the Expo totally knackered as my leg was sore from walking around, so after the drive home we put on the new IN THE ZONE EPISODE 4 DVD -- it was a great way to spend the rest of the day with a can in the hand (LOL!). Anyway, Mick and I wish you and your famlies a merry and safe Xmas for 2010. Cheers!
-- Sue & Mick, www.endurobiketalk.com/forum

Thanks for the follow-up message, Sue. We're always rapt to catch up with readers who love the mag as much as we do. Here's hoping your knee gets better soon and you're back in the bush blasting the trails with the best of them before too long.
-- Clubby, www.trailzone.com.au

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